Posture and Daily Handling 2

Creating more ways you can practice peaceful interactions

done intentionally with your horse.

You don't need to "train" behaviors or concepts when you layer them in logically - from the first halter to first trim to first saddling, every event if well prepared is simply the logical progression of the previous events. There doesn't need to be brace and fear if we set it up well.

In Posture and Daily Handling 2 you will continue your daily handling, creating more ways you can practice peaceful interactions done intentionally with your horse.

The following is covered in this course;

-Haltering, revisited

-Oral Medications and Vaccines

-Mindful Saddling

-Girthing and Cinching

-Leading up to the block

-First steps off the block

Bonus! Intro to Connecting with the Seat: First Steps Off the Block

What Impact IS YOUR Daily Handling

Having on Your Horse?

I FINALLY learned the missing pieces I needed on proper development, and motion for my horse. Amy made it easy to understand what was happening to cause the horse to get out of balance, what to look for, how to correctly help them adjust. Within minutes I had the information I had spent over a year looking for. Thank you Amy, I can’t wait to show our development after a couple of weeks!

Katherine Chajka

About Amy

I work to embrace a training philosophy based in Classical Dressage and sound horsemanship practices. I always try to keep the best interest of horse and rider in mind, choosing to avoid fads and quick fixes, but to seek continual learning from the best teacher: the horse.

My training program works for all breeds and disciplines and focuses on promoting softness, balance, and relaxation. I believe that any horse can improve given enough time and understanding, and that force and dominance play no part in building a strong relationship. Working with the horse’s mind develops confidence, and an understanding of biomechanics develops correct and sound movement.

I have spent the last several years offering lessons and clinics, with a focus on providing information in a way that best suits each student. I believes that good teaching mirrors good training: offering information in a way the student can understand, and without judgement or force.

My philosophy of training through relaxation carries over to students working to gain better balance and feel with their horses. I believe that learning should be fun and not intimidating, and she provides a safe, enjoyable atmosphere for riders to improve their abilities. With years of training experience under the tutelage of fine horsemen and women like Theresa Doherty, Maryal Barnett, Brent Graef, and others.

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